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Born in the cornfields of Southern Illinois, I grew up a farmer's daughter. I've had a very happy, carefree, and colorful childhood.  When I was only 17, I traded my sky full of stars for the city lights of Nashville, TN.

I love using florescent, neon colors to make any picture pop off the canvas. My work has many different faces to it. A single painting can have three different looks to it, depending on how you are viewing it. Whether you are looking at them in the sunlight, or under a black light, with or without 3-D glasses, my paintings can take you to a different dimension.

My inspiration comes in different forms and fashions, such as a moonlit sky, another artist, to a magical place in my own mind. I feel as though I'm a vessel, allowing energy to travel through me, which can take on different themes, from outer space to multicolored shapes and splatters.   

I find peace and solace when I am painting, being barefoot in the backyard makes me feel connected to my Creator, to my feelings, and to the world around me. It is truly my happy place. Using vibrant designs and colors, I sprinkle happiness onto each canvas in hopes that others are inspired to feel the joy that surrounds them in their daily lives.